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  Belt Type Vacuum Sealer
Belt Type Vacuum Packaging Machine
Belt type vacuum sealer provides continuous vacuum packaging for applications that require maximum air removal from a bag and the highest production speeds. It is an ideal tool for vacuum packaging of meat products, fresh meat, dairy products and other easily perishable food. It is digitally controlled and fully automatic. The machine cycles through the vacuum and seal process, while an operator loads the next batch of packages to be vacuum sealed.

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Adjustable Angle For Liquid PackagingLarge Diameter Vacuum ValveIntelligence Control PanelBUSCH Vacuum Pump10mm Sealing Width
  Standard Features:
  • Belt type conveyor
  • Stainless steel chain
  • Adjustable angle for liquid packaging
  • Powered by BUSCH vacuum pump
  • Powerful & large diameter vacuum valve (To shorten vacuum time)
  • Aluminum alloy sealing bar
  • Impulse sealing system
  • Auto & manual operation mode
  • Built-in emergency stop push button
  • Heating element broken warning
  • Water resistance control panel (IP-56)
  • Powered by micro-controller with 20 programmable memory settings
  • Oil change indicator
  • Pump overload warning indicator
  • 6mm double beamed heating element
  • Fully stainless steel fabrication
  • Moisture resistance sealing
  • Extend storage period for packed goods.
  • Pouch Materials = Aluminum Foil, OPP Films, Nylon, HDPE, LDPE, Laminated Films.
 Model Selection:
  • VCB-40B = Bi-Active Sealing System (Top & Bottom Heating Element)
  • VCB-G40 = Gas flushing system
 Optional Upgrade:
  • Safety Frame
  • Pressure sensor control
  • High pressure sealing system
  • Soft air control
  • 10mm Sealing Width
  • Other voltage available

 Model:  VCB-40
 Seal Bar Length:  (L) 40" x (W) 10mm
 Distance between Sealing Bar:  18"
 Machine Dimension (mm):  (L) 53.5"x (W) 63.8"x (H) 50"
 Machine Weight:  990lbs
 Power:  3Φ, AC 220V, 60Hz
 Chamber Height:  7"
 Vacuum Pump Capactiy:  100 m3/h (5HP)
 Maximum Vacuum:  -29inHg

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