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  Double Chamber Vacuum Sealer
Double Chamber Vacuum Sealer
The double chamber vacuum sealer has higher productivity than a single chamber vacuum sealers, as bag loading and unloading can be done while the other chamber is vacuuming. It is fully stainless steel fabricated, flatten bed for hassel-free chamber wash down. The control system is powered by micro-controller with 20 programmable memory settings.

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Operation Friendly HandleFlat ChamberOptional Gas FlushingIntelligence Control PanelBUSCH Vacuum Pump
  Standard Features:
  • Powered by BUSCH vacuum pump
  • Powerful & large diameter vacuum valve (To shorten vacuum time)
  • Aluminum alloy sealing bar
  • Flat chamber for easy cleaning and sanitation, suitable for HACCP industry
  • Impulse sealing system
  • Water-resistant electrical box (IP 56)
  • Bladder activated sealing
  • High-density plastic filler plates
  • Water resistance control panel (IP-56)
  • Powered by micro-controller with 20 programmable memory settings
  • Oil change indicator
  • Pump overload warning indicator
  • 6mm double beamed heating element
  • Fully stainless steel fabrication
  • Moisture resistance sealing
  • Extend storage period for packed goods.
  • Prevents electronic and hardware parts from rusting, oxidization and dampening.
  • Pouch Materials = Aluminum Foil, OPP Films, Nylon, HDPE, LDPE, Laminated Films.
 Model Selection:
  • VMD-32B = Bi-Active Sealing System (Top & Bottom Heating Element)
  • VMD-G32 = Gas flushing system
  • VMD-32-P = Pneumatic lid swing system
 Optional Upgrade:
  • Safety Frame
  • Pneumatic lid swing system
  • Pressure sensor control
  • High pressure sealing system
  • Soft air control
  • 10mm Sealing Width
  • Other voltage available

 Model:  VMD-32
 Seal Bar Length:  (L) 31.5" x (W) 6mm
 No. of Sealing Bar:  4pcs @ 2pcs per chamber
 Distance between Sealing Bar:  20"
 Machine Dimension (mm):  (L) 74.8"x (W) 38.4"x (H) 41.3"
 Machine Weight:  1060 lbs
 Power:  3Φ, AC 220V, 60Hz
 Chamber Height:  8"
 Vacuum Pump Capactiy:  100 m3/h (5HP)
 Maximum Vacuum:  -29inHg

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