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 Tray Sealer with Modified Atmoshpere Packaging
Single Chamber Vacuum Sealer
Tray Sealer with Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) provides fresh and oxidation free tray sealing for daily usage. It is widely used in food, prepared food, medical, and hardwares packaging application. The control system is powered by micro-controller with 20 programmable memory settings. The tray sealer is fully industrial grade stainless steel constructed, ideal for food, medical, electronics and industrial applications.


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Medical Tray SealingFood TrayTray with Easy Film PeelingIntelligence Control PanelBUSCH Vacuum Pump
  Standard Features:

Every product, even complex food products, has its own ideal atmosphere – Oxygen, Nitrogen, and Carbon Dioxide. By using a carefully controlled mixture of gases, packers and processors can adjust the atmosphere within a package by using a technology known as modified atmosphere packaging (M.A.P.). This technology is used to preserve the freshness and extend the shelf life of products and provides the best way to ensure products are safely packaged in order to reach the consumer in optimum condition.

  Standard Features:
  • Powered by BUSCH vacuum pump
  • Powerful & large diameter vacuum valve (To shorten vacuum time)
  • Water resistance control panel (IP-56)
  • Powered by micro-controller with 20 programmable memory settings
  • Fully stainless steel fabrication
  • Regular seal or MAP Packaging
  • Highly precision digital temperature controller with PID
  • Film scrap dispenser
  • Emergency Stop Push Button
  • Sealing Pressure Control (Mechanically)
  • PLC Control System with self diagnosis system
  • Seafood, Prepared food, Poultry, Spices, Medical products, Aerospace products, Automotive Parts, Electronics Components, and Hardware parts.
  • Extend storage period for packed goods.
  • Prevents electronic and hardware parts from rusting, oxidization and dampening.
  • Sealable Film Material: Aluminum Laminated, OPP, Nylon/LDPE, PET, Tyvek coated film and other laminated films.
 Optional Upgrade:
  • Touch Screen Interface (HMI)
  • Sealing Only (without Gas / Vacuum)
  • Validatable data for sealing process and packing process
  • Printed film registration eyemark
  • Recipe change logging system
  • Audit trail for machine operation
  • Data back up system

 Model:  TVM-400
 Capacity:  Up to 3 cycles per minute (MAP Cycle Time)
 Up to 5 cycles per minute (Seal Only)
 Maximum Sealing Area:  (W) 342mm x (L) 392.50mm
 Maximum Film Width:  500mm
 Tray Depth:  3.5” / 90mm
 Machine Dimension (mm):  (L) 1185 x (W) 649 x (H) 1518
 Machine Weight:  345kg
 Power:  3Φ, AC 220V, 60Hz
 Air Requirement:  90 PSI minimum, 120PSI recommended
 Vacuum Pump Capacity :  40 m3/h

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