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  VTS-16 Table Top Vacuum Sealer
VTS-16 Table Top Vacuum Sealer
VTS-16 table top single chamber vacuum sealer has digital controls, single sealing bar, and soft air to prevent damage to delicate products. The transparent glass lid assist in vacuum packaging process visualization. The control system is powered by micro-controller with 20 programmable memory settings.

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  Standard Features:
  • Powered by BUSCH vacuum pump
  • Impulse sealing system
  • Stainless steel chassis.
  • Single Chamber Type
  • Single Sealing Bar
  • Aluminum alloy sealing bar
  • Compact design to suite retails business, small and medium industry
  • Water resistance control panel (IP-56)
  • Powered by micro-controller with 20 programmable memory settings
  • Oil change indicator
  • Pump overload warning indicator
  • Emergency reset system
  • Transparent Glass Lid
  • Easy Sealing Element and Teflon Tape replacement
  • Easy cleaning
  • Bladder activated sealing
  • 6mm heating element
  • Moisture resistance sealing
  • Extend storage period for packed goods.
  • Prevents electronic and hardware parts from rusting, oxidization and dampening.
  • Pouch Materials = Aluminum Foil, OPP Films, Nylon, HDPE, LDPE, Laminated Films.
 Model Selection:
  • VTS-16G = Gas flushing system
 Optional Upgrade:
  • Safety Frame
  • Pneumatic lid opening system
  • Pressure sensor control
  • High pressure sealing system
  • Soft air control
  • 10mm Sealing Width
  • Other voltage available

 Model:  VTS-16
 Seal Bar Length:  (L) 17.7" x (W) 6mm
 No. of Sealing Bar:  Single Sealing Bar
 Machine Dimension (mm):  (L) 20" x (W) 21" x (H) 21"
 Machine Weight:  220 lbs
 Power:  1Φ, AC 110V, 60Hz
 Chamber Dimension:  (L) 18" x (W) 15" x (H) 7"
 Vacuum Pump Capactiy:  21 m3/h (1.25HP)
 Maximum Vacuum:  -1kPA
 Cycle Capacity:  2 to 3 cycles per minute

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