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  EXN Series Vacuum Sealer
EXN Series Vacuum Sealer
EXN series nozzle type vacuum sealer is an entry level vacuum packaging machine. It is easy to operate and practically maintenance free. The vacuum sealer is compatible to cleanroom requirement as it uses oil-free air-driven vacuum ejector. It works well with all popular moisture barrier bag materials and anti-static pouch. Gas purging function also available.

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Retractable NozzleDigital Timers & Emergency Stop Push ButtonHigh Performance Sealing BarOptional Stainless Steel BodyOptional Stainless Steel Working Platform
  Standard Features:
  • Suitable for clean room application
  • High flow stainless steel retractable nozzle
  • Clean, quiet, non-particle generating, 100% maintenance free air-driven vacuum ejector
  • Easy set-up using only compressed air and a standard electrical outlet
  • PLC controller
  • Vacuum gauge
  • Digital timer control for gas, vacuum, sealing and cooling
  • Impulse Sealing
  • Foot pedal switch activated
  • Built-in emergency stop push button
  • Object / Finger anti-pinch safety system
  • Moisture resistance sealing.
  • Extend storage period for packed goods.
  • Prevents electronic components and hardware parts from rusting, oxidization and dampening.
  • Pouch Materials = Aluminum Foil, OPP Films, Nylon, HDPE, LDPE, Laminated Films.
 Model Selection:
  • EXN-SXX = Fully Stainless Steel Fabrication
  • EXN-XX-B = Bi-Active Sealing System (Top & Bottom Heating Element)
 Optional Upgrade:
  • Stainless Steel Working Platform
  • Vertical Stand
  • Fully Stainless Steel Fabrication
  • Other Sealing Width (7mm, 8mm, & 10mm)
  • Other voltage available (AC 220V)

 Model:  EXN-20  EXN-25  EXN-30
 Seal Size (mm):  (L) 20" x (W) 6mm  (L) 25" x (W) 6mm  (L) 30" x (W) 6mm
 Machine Dimension (mm):  L32"x W12"xH8"  L37"x W12"xH8"  L42"x W12"xH8"
 Power:  1Φ, AC 110V
 1Φ, AC 110V
 1Φ, AC 110V
 Vacuum Flow:  2.94 cfm
 2.94 cfm
 2.94 cfm
 Maximum Vacuum:  -26inHg  -26inHg  -26inHg
 Air Requirement:  5CFM @ 90PSI  5CFM @ 90PSI  5CFM @ 90PSI

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