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Nozzle Type Vacuum Sealers
Nozzle type vacuum sealers provide flexibility and fast vacuuming. Modified Atmosphere Packaging (M.A.P.) function such as gas flushing is also available in nozzle type vacuum sealers selection.
High performance impulse sealing system is built into the vacuum sealers.

EXN Series Vacuum Sealer
EXN Series

EXN series nozzle type vacuum sealer is an entry level vacuum packaging machine. It is easy to operate and practically maintenance free. It works well with all popular moisture barrier bag materials and anti-static pouch.

Model Selection:
EXN-20, EXN-25, EXN-30

EXG Series (Gas Purge)
EXG Series (Gas Purge)

EXG series - an entry level nozzle type vacuum sealer with gas purge is specially designed for gassing various products that require special protective atmospheres (also known as Modified Atmosphere Packaging).

Model Selection:
EXG-20, EXG-25, EXG-30

EXG Series (Gas Purge)
EDG Series (Gas Purge)

EDG series nozzle type vacuum sealer with gas purge function is designed for medium to heavy duty cycle daily. The built-in stainless steel twin nozzles create high flow vacuum and gas purging. The stainless steel chassis is suitable for cleanroom requirement.

Model Selection:

EDG-200, EDG-250, EDG-300, EDG-350

ETN Series Vacuum Sealer (Longer Sealing Jaw)
ETN Series (Stainless Steel)

ETN series stainless steel vacuum sealer is engineered for heavy duty usage and smooth operation. It's control system is powered by PLC controller and Touch Screen Panel (HMI) for precise settings and user-friendly operations.

Model Selection:
ETN-30, ETN-32, ETN-36, ETN-40

ETG Series Vacuum with Gas Purge
ETG Series (Stainless Steel & Gas Purge)

ETG series stainless steel vacuum sealer with gas purge provides Modified Atmosphere Packaging (M.A.P.) solution for electronic components, medical, pharmaceutical, and food industry to extend product storage shelf life.

Model Selection:
ETG-30, ETG-32, ETG-36, ETG-40

EXV Series Vertical Type Vacuum Sealer
EXV Series (Vertical Type)

EXV series vertical type vacuum sealer is ideal for bag in a box type packing, granule, large volume products where a conveyor or supporting platform is applied. It's opened head design gives easy access to bag positioning.

Model Selection:
EXV-25, EXV-30, EXV-35




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